Campaign List View

Project Summary


Product Designer


Product manager, Engineering team, Seller support team


Interaction design, Information architecture, User flow, UI design, Prototype, User testing, Quality assurance


Dec 2019 - Feb 2020


Scalable Inc


Sketch, Invision, Fullstory

campaign list view final product

About Chip

Chip is an e-commerce platform specializing in print-on-demand products that offer packing, shipping, and customer services for entrepreneurs. Merchants can create a store where they can market and sell customized products with their designs.


Sellers reported frustration with being unable to bulk edit and view information they needed on the campaign page, resulting in sellers moving to other platforms.

Improve seller satisfaction by enabling them to easily bulk-edit products in their stores. Their feedback highlighted several key workflow issues:
 1. Difficulty updating campaign information, such as product descriptions or Facebook Pixel IDs
 2. Information visible on the main seller dashboard is scattered, making it difficult to find or manage
 3. No way for merchant team members to customize views according to their role responsibilities, such as marketing or graphic design. These issues were cited by the seller support team as reasons sellers move to other platforms.

👇🏻 Before implementing changes, customers needed to switch back and forth between views to see different information

original dashboard alt before project

original dashboard alt before project


 1. Improve overall merchant satisfaction on Chip platform.
 2. Allow users to customize their campaign list view based on the information they need for their role.
 3. Enable merchants to complete tasks like updating campaigns faster through bulk editing.


process: kick-off iterations usability testing implementation launch

After each team received a project brief from the product manager, we researched and came back with findings. The Seller Support team gave us insights from interviewing merchants. The Engineering team reviewed system constraints and limitations to be aware of. I conducted competitive analysis to evaluate how other platforms solved similar problems.

👇🏻 I sketched information architecture, user flow, and wireframe based on the information from all teams.

hand sketches


We needed to display more information without overwhelming our users. After talking to developers, we decided to break the original grid and expand the table. I researched how our merchants interact with the page using Fullstory, then decided to consolidate other buttons into a dropdown and re-order by the popularity of use. I created high fidelity prototypes during this phase and explored UI solutions.

👇🏻 We changed button priority after studying customers behavior on Fullstory

changes made to seller dashboard display

Usability testing

To ensure that our solution for the assumptions we made were correct, I partnered with the seller support team to conduct usability testing with high-performance merchants. This let us identify problems and correct them before we handed off the design to developers.

👇🏻 Remote usability testing with high-performance sellers surfaced valuable feedback

remote usability testing for campaign list view

👇🏻 One change we made based on usability testing feedback was adding a save button

user testing for campaign list view


I created the guidelines for front-end engineers to follow. I also worked with quality assurance engineers to ensure all the interactions and UI were correct and working as expected before launch.

👇🏻 Example of guidelines for design handoff to the engineering team

hand off to engineering team for implementation


Out of 45 users surveyed, 39% were satisfied, giving it a rating of 4+ out of 5.

We did user testing with a group of high-performance sellers throughout development for continuous feedback to adjust the product according to merchant needs. This enabled early validation of bulk edits & customizable views as high-value initiatives.

We followed up with a user survey after launching these features. Out of 45 users surveyed, 39% were satisfied, giving it a rating of 4+ out of 5. The average rating for the seller dashboard was 2.9/5, however the features added in this case study outperformed the average. The customizable dashboard feature was rated at 3.1/5, and the bulk edit feature was rated at 3.5/5.

👇🏻 Sellers are now able to customize their views and order columns

customizing fields in campaign list view

customizing fields in campaign list view

👇🏻 Customers can do inline editing of campaign names

editing campaign names in campaign list view

editing campaign names in campaign list view

👇🏻 Sellers can bulk edit campaign descriptions without navigating into each campaign

editing campaign descriptions in campaign list view

editing campaign descriptions in campaign list view